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About Us

Infinity Tutoring provides premium quality, educationally proven High School tutoring.

FAST improvement in problem solving skills
GREATER confidence and self-esteem
PROVEN Results  
TIME EFFICIENT for students 
AFFORDABLE for parents

Each program covers the entire syllabus for the chosen year and is designed to place students ahead of their school curriculum.

Students will be exhilarated by their sudden and sustained improvement in performance and boost in confidence. They will learn new techniques for fostering problem solving skills, time management, and controlling  the stress and anxiety in exams.

By enrolling with Infinity Tutoring you can expect a tailored, holistic approach to your child's needs, empowering them to gain the best possible educational outcomes. There
is nothing to lose and so much to gain. We achieve results and we are proud of it!

We understand tutoring is a necessary luxury, and value-for-money is quickly realised with a contented student who achieves their optimal result with confidence. They won't spend wasted afternoons with us – concentrated lessons, worthwhile homework, timely revision, and exam readiness are where it's at.

  Stephen Cole

Stephen Cole is Infinity's Managing Director. His Qualifications include his Masters of Business Administration, GradDip (IHM) GradDip (AF&I) CPA FAICD FFIN. Stephen also has a background in tutoring English and Entrepreneurship here and overseas.

Stephen's primary role is to ensure that our systems, tutors and staff exceed the expectations of students and their parents alike. We do this through rigorous recruitment and standard setting within the organisation.

Always approachable, Stephen is very keen on maximising educational outcomes and providing a friendly and safe environment that all students feel comfortable with. Stephen owns a variety of other businesses and has teenage kids so knows the challenges first hand in stimulating students to reach their potential as part of a frantically busy family and school life.

Speak with us about our philosophy in action that has shown proven results for students of all aptitudes. We don't just brag about the A students – we focus on lifting everyone from their starting point. To learn more Contact Infinity Tutoring today!